Hi-Q 中華海洋生技-褐藻醣膠專家


Pursuing the goal of “ Nature Protection and Health Promotion”

Hi-Q Marine Biotech Co., Ltd., was established in 1998, a professional biotech company emphasising in pursuing the goal of “ Nature Protection and Health Promotion”. Hi-Q’s founders are Mr. Johnson Chang (CEO & Chairman); and Mr. Philip Hsieh (Vice Chairman & CTO).
The global population is growing rapidly, but marine resources are gradually becoming scarce due to pollution and overfishing. Facing the supply and demand imbalance caused by the increasing demand for fish and seafood, as well as the difficulties that the aquaculture industry have to encounter the general environmental pollution and the viruses, Hi-Q Marine Biotech Co., Ltd. decided to research and develop a successful patented biological filtration recirculating system, biological agents for better water quality, nutriments with a special antibodies formula and a revolutionary know-how and technology for green aquaculture. In applied to the use of self-purification mechanism in the ocean and the connection with the food chain system from the natural micro-organism, Hi-Q has successfully developed the ecological aquaculture technology, a “Zero Water Exchange” technology, which is the key technology of Hi-Q’s indoor "Zero Water Exchange Ecological Re-circulating Aquaculture Technology (ERAT).”

Branching out from a High Economic Grouper Aquaculture Industry into Human Health Product Industry: Taiwan’s Small Molecule Fucoidan

Hi-Q’s R&D team has found that adding brown algae into the breeding baits formula is very important to groupers’ immune systems. Due to this discovery, Hi-Q has been devoted to the R&D of Taiwan’s brown algae since 2007 and has been cooperating with the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) of the Council of Agriculture (COA) in the Industry-Academia collaboration Project to successfully extract Taiwan’s Small Molecule Fucoidan. With these efforts, Hi-Q started to branch out into the field of human health products.

What is fucoidan?

Fucoidan as a marine material has been recently been widely used in health care in Europe, America, and Japan. Fucoidan, scientific name: sulfated polysaccharide. It is the composition of (Sulfated Fucose) of marine polysaccharides, widely present in the giant brown seaweed. Currently, more than1000 articles have been accumulated related to Fucoidan experimental studies published in international medical journals, there are nearly 10,000 professionals involved in research. Fucoidan has been clearly demonstrated for the results of Fucoidan studies in the area of functional health and diseases. Fucoidan is a potential for new drug development in recent years

Taiwan’s Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan

Fucoidan is a huge market in global demand and there are abundant natural resources in the ocean of Taiwan. Professionals at Hi-Q Marine Biotech are interest to develop the potential of Taiwan’s Fucoidan. Hi-Q joins the technology cooperation with the experts at the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) since 2007, and have collected 86 several species of oceanic brown seaweed in surrounding Taiwan coast. After the experiments of cell and animals studies in selected species, there is innovation in the development of extraction to create the finest, natural quality and efficacy of Taiwan fucoidan via biotechnology.
There is a new biotechnology breakthrough in Taiwan to create a low molecules size (<500Da) of Fucoidan that leads the world, this low molecular Fucoidan from Taiwan can even be easily absorbed directly through the human skin. After various proven scientific studies at the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI); the results shown Taiwan's low molecular weight fucoidan enhances 40% higher absorption rate and bioactivity than the large molecules Fucoidan in general.