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Oligo Fucoidan Gift Set


Hi-Q Oligo Fucoidan
Contents : Oligo Fucoidan, 550mg*1000 capsules / Box
Hi-Q Marine Biotech joints the technology cooperation with the experts at the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), after five years of cooperative research and development, we take the natural brown seaweed from the clear sea water in the eastern Taiwan and the remote islands, and use the leading small molecular biotechnology (a molecule size less than 500 Da, scientific proven for better absorption). After the experiments of cell and animal tests, the results of Taiwan's Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan showed a 40% higher functional effects and bioactivity when compared to those fucoidans in large molecular structure. The 500Da  Low Molecular Weight Taiwan’s Fucoidan is also completely no heavy metal residues, whereas there is still an issue when compared to some fucoidan from foreign imports. 

Product Name:Oligo Fucoidan
Product Types:Natural Brown Seaweed Powder  (Food Product)
Ingredients:Natural seaweed,(Fucose), brown seaweed extract Fucoidan
Package Contents:550mg / (per capsule), 1000 capsule (per box),
Serving suggestion8 capsule a day, best before meal with water
Suitable forSuitable for all as food consumption
Net content550 grams (g)
Production DateMarked on the bottom of the box   ( Year / Month / Day )
Shelf LifeMark at the bottom of the box   ( Year / Month / Day )
Retention periodAt room temperature for two years & six months  (unopened only)
StorageAvoid direct sunlight in a dry cool place
Country of OriginMade in Taiwan