Multi Armor

Multi-algae formula

Multi Armor is a functional supplement suitable for all of your family members. It is especially recommended for people who dine out frequently, vegetarians requiring nutritional boost, and people who want to regulate their physical condition or maintain digestive function.
Multi Armor is composed of nutrients from 4 major natural algae (red algae, spirulina, green algae, small molecular weight fucoidan). It is a natural supplement, not medicine.
Multi Armor contains natural algae extract, which is like taking natural algae. However, if you are taking oral medication, it is advised that you take Oligo Fucoidan at least 30 minutes apart. If you still have concerns, please speak with your doctor.
Multi Armor contains natural algae extract, which is like eating natural algae. Therefore, it is safe to be taken with other supplements.
Adults: 2~4 capsules daily; children: 1~2 capsules daily. Adjust according to your physical condition.
Multi Armor is a health food containing natural brown algae extract. It is not a drug, therefore has no side-effect even when taken in large quantities.
Generally, the only possible side-effect is soft stool or mild diarrhea. If you experience diarrhea, reduce your dose to prevent future incidence.

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